Micah D. Fowler, Ba -- Man's Best Friend
    PhD  --  Loyalty
Owner, Ithaca College graduate with 25 years of
experience in the public school system, left the class room
to help make a dream come true for his wonderful bride.
Accounts manager responsible for payable/receivable
accounts and will cater a pricing plan that suits your
needs and pocketbook. He can handle any and all
computer/technical questions and design test reporting to
fit your practice’s.
New Public Relations Consultant,
Ocia "Cal" is the patriarch of the Fowler
Cal has worked in a multitude of
fields including laboring, jounalism,
recreation and finance. A great leader of
family as well as in the church.  His most
famous saying "there's no right way to do
wrong". If you'd like an ear to talk to or a
story to hear, just give Cal a call.
Owner Profiles
Catering to your genus
Shipping Address:
Larch Hill Laboratory LLC
387 Albro Road
Earlville, NY 13332
Susan E. Fowler, AA -- Animal                        
BS -- Animal Sciences
Charles W. Fowler, BS  --- Music Education
                    MS -- Education
E-Mail:   sue@larchhilllab.com
Owner, Cornell University graduate with 35 years of
experience as a licensed veterinary technician and
laboratory technician. Sue is responsible for quality
control, test processing and result interpretations. Sue is
fully accredited by the USDA to run all methods of EIA
testing and is very knowledgeable in all areas of
veterinary medicine from surgical procedures to practice
Katie Fowler, BS -- Early Childhood Education,    
Pre K - 3rd Grade
Co-Owner, "Lab Assistant" !!  After more than 13
years of hard work inthe family unit helping to
make a dream come true for her wonderful mom.
Micah has gone to her final resting place. We
miss her very much but can honestly say that
she is much more comfortable now being free
from the suffering of cancer.
Lab Tech, Cedarville University graduate
with 6 years of youth sports work and 3
years of Collegiate level head
coaching/teaching. Joel is responsible for
accessioning and assisting in laboratory
procedures. Joel will be happy to assist
you with any request that you have
Lab Tech, Cedarville University
graduate with 5 years of Head Start and
Kindergarten experience in the inner
city public school system. Katie is
responsible for quality control, test
processing and result interpretations.
New Co-Owner,  "Lab Assistant"
After a short visit with us we adopted this
new family member. Dahrma has taken
over the responibilities of house
manager.  Security, fun loving activities,
belly tickling, petting and stick chasing are
all under her authority.
Joel Fowler, BA -- Sports and Exercise Studies
 minor in sports ministry, bible and coaching
Ocia "Cal" Fowler, PhD -- Family Grandpa
Solomon like wisdom with a heart of Gold