Larch Hill Laboratory was started  in 2002 for the local veterinarians of upstate NY to have
direct access to a privately owned diagnostic laboratory that will cater to their individual
needs. We wanted to provide the personal attention where the doctors could meet and
discuss testing with the same person who ran the lab work.

E-Coggins is now our specialty and 35 years of experience working with veterinarians as a
licensed vet tech  has taught Sue to be very aware of the technical needs of the doctors.
Fast, accurate and professional testing is what our laboratory delivers to all clients whether
they're dropping off samples or mailing samples across country. As a result of our low
overhead we are able to offer the same services as the larger institutions at a lower cost.

Our personalized touch allows us the ability to customize our services for stat care cases,
24 hours a day contact availability with the technician. We now also offer 24hrs/day
computer tech support through email, phone or even remote computer access.
About Us
Veterinary eTech Services
Catering to your genus
Phone: (607) 674-5777

Shipping Address:
Larch Hill Laboratory LLC
387 Albro Road
Earlville, NY 13332
Licensed Vet Tech services necessary for the completion of the Federally mandated,
USDA regulated Equine Infectious Anemia (Coggins) protocol.

We are online with the totally digital processing of the coggins test  through our new application

found at the following link:

We also process both the USDA/VSPS electronic coggins and traditional paper forms as usual
line of tech services and save time and money. Services of which you may chose one or all of
the items which are designed to help your clinic/office run more productively and efficiently.